The World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions

The World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions does not count as an official WSOP bracelet, but they winner receives a large trophy and a share of the massive prize pool. This is an invitation only freeroll event. It is a tournament that every professional player would like to receive an invitation to, as it features the best players in the world.

The first event took place in 2004, with invitations being extended to the 10 best known players on the circuit. The winner took home $2 million in prize money, with no other places paid. The winner of the tournament was Annie Duke, with Phil Hellmuth finishing in second place. This tournament continued up to 2007, when Harrod's put the tournament on hold indefinitely.

However, it returned with a bang in 2010 and it gave the fans much more interaction with regard to the event. Of the 27 players extended invitations, 20 of these were picked by the fans via an online vote at www.WSOP.com/TOC. Five of the seats were automatically awarded to the WSOP champion, the WSOP Europe champion and three previous Tournament of Champions winners. The two remaining seats were awarded as sponsor exemptions by Harrods. Huck Seed won the tournament and received $500,000.

This is now an event on the calendar year that captures the public's imagination. It was a great an innovative idea by Harrods to let the public choose the majority of the players. This enables the public to see their favourite poker personalities play against the best in the world.

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