The sun goes down on Setanta?

Sports broadcaster Sentanta could go out of business in the next month say the Guardian if it can't renegotiate its most important contracts and bring in some new investors, a tricky problem to have during a recession.

They're meeting with officials from the Scottish Premier League this week to negotiate a reduction in their current £150million contract, as well as a £125million deal for 2010. Meanwhile it has other contracts with the Premier League, the FA, Premier Rugby and the PGA Tour that they urgently need to reduce and pay installments for.

While the PGA Tour are open to negotiation on reduction, the FA and Premier League are not, and they need to pay up a combined total £45million to the pair of them this month, at the end of the season and after the FA Cup final.

We don't know how these talks will go, but we do know that if they go bust James Richardson will be out of a job, so fingers crossed, eh?

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