The Special One's Second Coming

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Jose Mourinho returned home to Stamford Bridge to resume where he left off - with Chelsea winning. Under the Special One, Chelsea started the Premier League campaign with a 2-0 win over Hull City.

The goals came from Oscar and one of Mourinho's old faithfuls, Frank Lampard, who struck a 30 yard free-kick into the back of the net. Those wondering whether Mourinho would preside over a swaggering attack-minded Chelsea were disappointed in the second half when his players settled for a two goal lead without over-exerting themselves.

Stamford Bridge was a noticeably happier place than under the troubled caretaker reign of Rafael Benitez last season. "The reception I received was fantastic, amazing, and they gave me more than I deserve," Mourinho said. "I'm a bit shy in the face of the fans' reaction. I don't feel very comfortable with that. But now the fans have to support the team, sing about the players and the club, not José. José knows how much they like me and how happy they are to have me back."

No, false modesty doesn't really suit him. Mourinho was very happy with the way his players started the game. "I've managed so many times here and won so many matches here but we've not had many periods like that for quality," Mourinho said. "When I saw the second half going in another direction, at the beginning I was frustrated because I want more. But after five minutes I thought we didn't because we couldn't. We can't play that way for 90 minutes."

Chelsea's pursuit of Wayne Rooney may have been frustrated, but the manager admits he is still looking for a new striker, news which might not please Fernando Torres. "In this moment every striker has a club," Mourinho said. "I don't think it's ethical I name players who belong to other clubs."

Shy? Ethical? Ok, you are an impostor and what have you done with the real Jose Mourinho?

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