The Special One returns to Chelsea

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The Special One has returned. Football's worst-kept secret, the Second Coming of Jose Mourinho, was confirmed by Chelsea. Mourinho has signed a four-year contract with an estimated salary of £8.5 million and said he was looking at a long-term relationship with the club. Well, for that kind of money, the longer the better.

Mourinho said that a young and developing team needed the stability of an established manager. "I think it's what they need at this time. It's very important for this club and very important for the balance of the squad, but it's a young squad with a lot of talent and I think they need stability to reach a high point of their evolution and for their careers."

Mourinho's fractious relationship with owner Roman Abramovich provoked his departure six years ago after an unprecedented period of success for the club. Despite a turbulent time at Real Madrid, Mourinho says he has matured.

"I have the same nature but I'm much more mature with a different approach to things," he said. "I'm more ready to be in a club and stay for a long time. It was an easy decision. I met the boss, the owner and I think in five minutes after a couple of very short but pragmatic questions we decided straight away. I asked the boss 'do you want me back?' and the boss asked me 'do you want to come back?' I think in a couple of minutes the decision was made."

Mourinho returns to a fascinating Premier League, with the top three clubs, Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea, all changing managers. There is little doubt he will be welcomed as a Messiah by the Chelsea supporters. "I am one of you" Mourinho told the fans. Although, unlike them. he hasn't been turning up at Stamford Bridge in recent months to hurl abuse at the caretaker Rafael Benitez.

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