The silent assassin

Sunderland chairman Naill Quinn has revealed that a fan is now suing the club after he was knocked out by a wayward Djibril Cissé shot while watching a training session. Which let’s be honest, is quite funny.

Quinn revealed the rib-tickling news while talking to BBC Newcastle’s Total Sport, when he was asked by a fan whether supporters would be allowed to go and watch training sessions, as was previously the case. Given that ropey hitman Cissé is no longer there, we don’t see any reason why not.

‘We had a supporter who got a bad injury,’ said Quinn. ‘I think it was one of Djibril Cisse's misses where he had a shot from 20 yards. I'm making fun of it now, but it knocked a supporter out. It was quite serious. That supporter is in the process of suing us right now.’

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