'The proudest moment of my life'

Legendary India batsman Sachin Tendulkar has called winning the Cricket World Cup at his sixth attempt the ‘proudest moment’ in his life.

Tendulkar had played in every tournament since 1992 without success, and the India side was under and extreme amount of pressure from their fans to win the biggest prize in one-day cricket, not only for their own sakes but also for 37-year-old Tendulkar, who is a hero in India. So Saturday night's six-wicket win against Sri Lanka was a big moment for everyone involvd in Indian cricket.

‘This is the proudest moment of my life,’ said Tendulkar. ‘This is the ultimate and I'm experiencing it.

It's never too late, as they say. Thanks to all my team-mates. Without such fabulous performances and such consistency it would never have happened. Our support staff worked very hard and we worked on the mental side, coping with the pressure. This team stuck together through ups and downs and when people were doubting our ability.

‘The self-belief is greater in this team than maybe in the past. We've been more consistent in the last couple of years and it's a great honour to be involved with this group.’

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