The Nugget eaten

Steve Davis was sent out of the World Snooker Championships yesterday following a 10-2 defeat by Neil Robertson. The six-time world champ only scored 29 points in the final three frames of yesterday's session, and the Nugget now knows that he's looking at the very end of his career.

'I'm not too sure it's about bowing out in style,' said Davis afterwards. 'I think I've gone past that. I'm going down the wall slowly with my fingernails. I have mediocre commitment and occasionally I put in mediocre performances, but I can't complain.

If I try to be 100% committed to the game in any way, shape or form, I'm not absolutely sure I would be anywhere near getting to any standard required to win. You can push back the hands of time but this is a generation of players who play a game that's very strong.'

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