The Netherlands 2 - 0 Denmark

The Netherlands got off to a good start in their first World Cup group game, beating Denmark 2-0 . However, it was a far from convincing performance, in which they could only take the lead thanks to a daft own goal from Daniel Agger. Dirk Kuyt sealed the victory with an easy tap in five minutes from the end.

Up until Agger’s calamitous error the Dutch had hardly set the world alight, and reminded many of England’s rather sluggish start to the campaign. It also looked as though they were desperately missing their best player and talisman, Arjen Robben, as the Danes were easily fending off their attacks, and should have taken the lead just before the end of the first half, when Arsenal centre-forward Nicolas Bendtner missed an easy headed chance from six yards out.

That miss was compounded when Agger completely misread the flight of a ball and headed it off his teammate’s back and into his own net only a minute after the restart, and after that the Scandinavians never looked like getting back into the game, despite the efforts of Dennis Rommedahl and Jesper Gronkjaer. The Dutch will top Group E if neither Japan or Cameroon win by two goals or more.

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