'The most disappointing night of my career'

Arsene Wenger has said that last night's hammering by Manchester United in the Champions League was the most disappointing night of his managerial career. Although bizarrely he was completely gracious in defeat, and didn't blame the referee or anything. Very odd.

'Manchester United, I have to say over the two games, deserve to go through,' said Wenger to the Guardian. 'The tie could have been over in the first leg and, even though I felt we had a good chance to come back tonight, they were the better side, so congratulations to them and good luck to them in the final. We were caught by a team that has the art to kill and take advantage of every mistake. And Ronaldo, in particular, gave us a tough time. But the most disappointing thing was that the game was over after 10 minutes.

'All we can do is look at ourselves. To fight such a long way to get here and then to give the game away like we did tonight – it is very disappointing.

'It's the most disappointing night I've had because I felt the fans were really up for a big night and to disappoint all those people who stand up behind the team really hurts.

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