The Importance of Rugby Passing Drills

When it comes to learning how to play rugby, the passing is extremely important. Even the England team will focus on rugby passing drills to make sure they can remain on top of their game and be the best team possible. Fumbling the ball usually leads to a knock-on, which will mean the other team gets the ball, so it’s important that passing is perfect.

Passing the Ball Backwards

When starting out, something that many people struggle with is passing the ball backwards. The ball can’t move forwards when being passed so this is one of the most important rugby passing drills you’ll need to do.

To start off with, it’s important that the team works together and is able to simply pass and catch the ball. It’s essential that each member learns how to pass the ball correctly, by letting it roll off the fingers. Once the team has gotten used to passing while stationary, the players then need to start learning how to pass while moving; the game of rugby is constantly on the go.

Advance Passing Drills

Once the team has gotten used to passing and moving, they will need to learn how to get the speed up and pass with force. Some team members will also need to start learning how to pass one-handed to be able to get round opposition members that are blocking them.

The overhead pass is something that some members will also need to learn. Luckily, this is much easier than the backward passing and not every position will need to learn how to do this. The overhead pass is done from the sideline when a throw-in is called for.

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