The ICC made a mistake

Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board Ijaz Butt has said that the ICC’s decision to suspend alleged spot-fixers Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamer from cricket pending appeal was taken without gathering substantial evidence was a mistake, and that he had only withdrawn them from playing over the News of the World’s expose.

Butt has been an outspoken critic of the decision to suspend his players from day one, and has even gone as far as to suggest that England players had fixed the result of the third one-day international match between England and Pakistan, allegations the English want withdrawn.

‘We didn't take action against them and let the ICC follow its course of action,’ Butt told the Pakistani newspaper The News. ‘We didn't want to send out a message to the world that we believed our players were tainted. The world would have believed that the trio was indeed guilty of spot-fixing.

‘We have our reservations over the decision to suspend the players without proof. But we have co-operated with the ICC anti-corruption and security unit. And as a board we have a responsibility to ensure that no one keeps on making unsubstantiated allegations against our players.’

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