The hype begins

Brazilian midfield maestro Kakà has added to the already pumped up and overbearing hype surrounding the current England side with a declaration that they can win the World Cup. Note that he said ‘can’, not ‘should’, or ‘will’. This puts the England team in the top 10-12 sides in the world, not the top two or three. Still, it makes headlines before their game with Brazil this weekend.

Kakà believes that Fabio Capello has made the team play more as a unit, thanks to his steely management style and nice line in spectacles, and sees them as a much more dangerous side than before.

‘They have cruised through the European qualifiers in a group that was not easy at all,’ he said to The Guardian. ‘I don't think anybody expected them to go through so strongly, especially with the two emphatic defeats of Croatia. It's not to say England weren't a dangerous team before, but there is something different now. They look much sharper collectively, like Mr Capello's sides are known to be.

‘What seems to have changed is the arrival of a better collective awareness. The players look much more aware with regards to movements and positioning. The attitude is also stronger. They are definitely one of the teams to consider for the trophy in South Africa. As much as the Doha game will award no points, it can work as a massive confidence boost when you beat an opponent also tipped to prevail next year.’

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