The hopes and fears…

What can we realistically hope for this year, from our sportsmen, women and teams?

Andy Murray to stay fit, keep snarling his way to wins, and give us something to cheer about at Wimbledon. He won’t win the tournament, but it’ll be fun watching him try.

A few medals at the Olympics – we should clean up a few in the cycling, shooting, sailing and, apparently, the fencing. Look out for Richard Kruse, a 24-year-old genuine medal contender. We haven’t won a medal in the fencing since there was gas lighting, so rapiers crossed.

Someone other than Chelsea or Man Utd to win the Premier League. It’s unlikely to be Liverpool – as consistent as a Bingo caller with short-term memory loss – so it can only really be Arsenal. Go’n the Gunners!

Ab Fab to instil a bit of pluck in the Three Lions. The Capello di tutti Capo has a tough job but we hear that, if you don’t want to give 100 per cent for the big man, you’ll be sleeping with the fishes, capice?

What do you wish for in UK sport this year?

(Image: from YouTube)

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