The fun side of Ultra culture

It’s Christmas time, and as such it’s right and just that we try and cheer up those of you who don’t have much fun at this time of year: parents with annoying brats, kids who have to put up with smelly old aunties and old people who have to deal with being shunted in the corner and ignored.

Well, the oldies won’t be able to use computers, most likely, so this one’s for the kids and the parents. It’s Tottenham Hotspur playing Lech Poznan in an under-12s tournament, and is accompanied by a few hundred Lech-supporting nutters giving full on stadium-style support to their little lads, complete with, chants, bouncing up and down and flares. It lasts nine minutes and is frankly bewildering, but incredibly heart warming all the same; can you imagine how great those kids must feel having that sort of backing?

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