The final humiliation

England are edging ever closer to a thumping 3-1 Ashes win in the fifth test at the SCG in Sydney, and could score a third victory by a whole innings to boot. Hurray!

Australia are languishing 213-7 in their second innings still 151 runs behind England, who totted up a whopping 644 in their first innings, and are hanging on to the test by a thread. What is very clear though, is that England will not only retain the Ashes, they will win them, Down Under, in their back yard. Double Hooray.

‘It's a very special feeling,’ said Matt Prior, who hit 118, his first century in an Ashes series. ‘I was batting with Jonathan Trott in Melbourne when he got his and he came to me in the middle and said 'it's the best feeling in cricket' and I'd have to agree, an Ashes ton is very, very special and I'll treasure it.

‘It was time to take the initiative and be more attacking and ride your luck and see where you get to... I've said the whole series I've been playing well and feeling good in the nets, and just needed a few things to go my way. Fortunately they have, towards the end of the tour.’

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