The FA ask Fifa to look into racial abuse

A bit of the gloss has been taken off England's stunning victory over Croatia in Zagreb last night with the news that the FA has asked Fifa to look into the racial abuse of Emile Heskey by a section of the Croatian fans.

Croatian fans could be clearly heard making monkey chants at Heskey when he was booked in the second half of last night's game. The Wigan striker labelled the boo boys "ignorant people".

It's not the first time that Croatia have been accused of racially abusing opposition players having been fined following the Turkey game at Euro 2008. The Croatian FA could be hit with more serious punishment this time round.

A spokesman for the anti-racism group Kick It Out, said: "Their fans are being monitored for incidents of racial abuse and evidence of far-right activities. A number of preventative initiatives are under way with Croatian fan groups, the more progressive of whom understand the damage these types of incidents do to the standing of Croatia and its people."

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