The deal goes down

The culmination of weeks of World Cup chance-damaging tabloid revelations finally came to a head yesterday afternoon, with the media in a frenzy of will-he-won’t-he regarding whether Wayne Bridge would shake John Terry’s hand before his Manchester City team’s match against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge (he was never going to). As was wildly suspected he didn’t.

However, less wildly expected was the result of the game, in which Manchester City ran out 4-2 winners, with Chelsea having two players sent off in the process. As a result Manchester United remain a point behind the Londoners, with Arsenal now creeping up on the blindside. Wenger’s side are now three points behind Chelsea after their 3-1 win at Stoke yesterday, although Aaron Ramsey’s broken leg put something of a damper on the celebrations. Still Gooners can cheer themselves up with John Terry being made to look a fool on national television.

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