The best own goals in the world ever

There have been some amazing own goals over the years such as Lee Dixon's clinical lob over David Seaman in 1991 to Chris Brass' nose breaking effort for Darlington versus Bury.

Well it seems that there is a new pretender to the throne in the shape of Jan Durica's cracker in the Hungarian Cup game between Fehervar and Debrecen. Debrecen were leading 2-1 after having lost 2-1 to Fehervar in the first leg of the tie. Durica's Fehervar were holding on for extra time when Debrecen were awarded a penalty. The rest, as they say, is history

As a tribute to the unlucky Slovakian defender and a bit of delicious Friday afternoon schadenfreude Sportscene has compiled the best own goals of all time including Jamie Pollock's version of Gazza's goal against Scotland in Euro 96 gone wrong.
Jan Durica's own goal
Is it a tribute to this beauty?
Qingdao's classic
Another great header!
Chinese shinner against France
Jamie Pollock's moment of genius

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