The best in tennis: 2007

Roger Brierley of The Guardian has compiled his tennis – ahem – highlights of 2007.

It’d be hard to argue with his list.

Our personal favourite would have to be Tim Henman taking the ovation he so richly deserved – and even showing a bit of emotion – as he bowed out from the first-class game with a Davis Cup victory over Croatia that takes Britain back into the elite World group.

Then there was Justine Henin’s uncontained joy at winning the French Open, her first major win since reuniting with her famously estranged family.

Andy Murray twice nearly overcame Nadal – in Madrid and Australia – which all looks good for his future. Nadal himself continued to threaten Federer, with another victory in the French and a close-run thing at Wimbledon.
What were your highlights? 
Read the full list.

(Image: from YouTube)

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