The (bad) luck of the Irish

After last night’s outrageous breaking of the rules by known Frenchy Thierry Henry, the world appears to have gone mad. The Irish have understandably not taken having their chance at the World Cup being swiped away from them by the hands of the cheating ex-Arsenal slimeball, very kindly, oh no. In fact, there have been calls for a replay from government ministers, which have been hastily slapped down by Fifa.

The Guardian asked Fifa about the chances of a rematch, but they quickly referred to Law 5 in the laws of the game, which state that the referee has the ‘full authority to enforce the Laws of the Game in connection with the match to which he has been appointed,’ and that ‘the decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with play are final.’ That hasn't not stopped the Irish justice minister Dermot Ahern from weighing in and demanding that they get another crack at the French.

‘Millions of people worldwide saw it was a blatant double handball – not to mention a double offside,’ he said. ‘We should put the powers that be in the cosy world of Fifa on the spot and demand a replay.

‘They probably won't grant it as we are minnows in world football but let's put them on the spot. It's the least we owe the thousands of devastated young fans around the country. Otherwise, if that result remains, it reinforces the view that if you cheat you will win. Thierry Henry has admitted handling the ball, he claims he told the ref he handled it.’

‘For the dignity and integrity of football, we will go to France and play again,’ said Ireland’s assistant manager Liam Brady. ‘Sepp Blatter goes on about fair play – let him reflect on what happened last night. Where is football going if a team is cheated out of fair play? Where are we going if this decision stands?’

Not to the World Cup, that’s for sure. Anyone would think that a deeply unpopular political class were playing cynical games to get the people behind them again, or something. Not here though.

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