The Andy Murray rap

Will he win Wimbledon, won’t he win Wimbledon? Tennis ace Andy Murray, has had his fair share of speculation. Good then that there's one thing we don't need to speculate about: he’s God awful at rapping.

The world No.4 was asked by former Wimbledon doubles champions Mike & Bob Bryan to do a guest rap on their new single ‘Autograph’, and much to the dismay of anyone who has ears, he obliged. In fairness Murray was the first to admit he’s not going to give up the day job. He tweeted, ‘Did some rapping on the Bryan Bros new song u can buy it on iTunes called autograph. I’m awful haha’.

Here are the lyrics...

‘During Wimbledon it really gets crazy. My hand cramps up and my mind gets hazy. I sign and sign but the line doesn't end. Wake me up tomorrow and let's do it again. Autograph.’

Listen to a clip of the song here.

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