The £80million man

Yesterday Gareth Bale suggested that he wouldn’t mind trying out a move to the continent in the future, a harmless quote which nevertheless saw the world’s press descend on him like a pack of news-starved vultures, and various foreign clubs smoothing down their eyebrows and adjusting their ties in the hope of attracting him to their sunny Mediterranean idle.

However, Johnny Foreigner might have to wait a little longer yet, as Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp has suggested that any prospective buyers would have to stump up the same sort of money that Real Madrid did in order to take Cristiano Ronaldo away from Manchester United. How on earth that could be justified is another thing, however; as of yet Bale hasn’t scored 40-odd goals a season for two seasons straight, nor won the European Cup.

‘Manchester United sold Cristiano Ronaldo but they got an offer of £80m,’ Redknapp said. ‘He's Portuguese and this is more his lifestyle here than Manchester may have been. So in the end, it was good business.

‘I'm sure it would have to be (that kind of money). It would be an amazing figure if you ever sold him. But how do you replace a player like that? It's very difficult. We wouldn't be wanting to sell a player like Gareth Bale at this time, when we're trying to build the club.’

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