Thanks for the advice, love

Yesterday Wayne Bridge said through a publicist that he won’t be playing for England at this year’s World Cup after deciding that he couldn’t face spending over a month with the country’s biggest love-rat and his former best friend John Terry. Coverage of his decision has been generall sympathetic, despite the fact Vanessa Perroncel was his ex-girlfriend by the time Terry started schtupping her, but there’s one person who think he needs to harden himself up – Vanessa Perroncel herself!

Yes, according to the woman who’s played an equal part is this whole unholy mess, Bridge has made a huge mistake, and shouldn’t be so selfish by letting his broken heart get in the way of good old Albion’s chances of winning the World Cup in South Africa. That’s sure to change his mind, right?

‘He's made a big mistake,’ she said to The Sun. ‘England's chances of lifting the trophy have been seriously weakened (have they? really? - Ed). He's made the wrong decision for himself and the country. He needs to reconsider.’

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