Tevez's caddy stint criticised

The Royal and Ancient Club is not known for its progressive views when it comes to innovation in golf. The reaction of its championship committee chairman was understandably frosty when confronted with the spectacle of superstar footballer Carlos Tevez caddying in the last round of the Open at Royal Lytham.

Arch traditionalist Jim McArthur was dismissive of golf fan Tevez’s duties as caddy to his fellow Argentinian Andres Romero on the Sunday of the tournament, taking exception to Tevez’s obvious unfamiliarity with golf protocol. "He never put the bag down, even when he was standing on the green – it's just absolute madness," McArthur said. "I think we need to look at this particular case. We normally get a list of caddies at the start of the week."

The chief executive was a little more understanding, perhaps realising that Tevez’s enthusiasm could help the sport broaden its audience. "It was pretty interesting." Peter Dawson said. "I thought because of the big crowd following the group, that golf fans and football fans may overlap a little more than I had realised. It's not a bad thing, perhaps."

Tevez admitted that he did not have enough expertise to offer Romero any constructive advice, but found it interesting to follow the final round from a unique vantage point. He certainly didn’t help Romero’s game. On the Sunday he shot 82, his worst round of the tournament, to finish last of the players who had made the cut, with an 18 over total of 298.

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