Tevez:' you'd be dead in my town'

Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez has said that if John Terry had done what he had done to Wayne Bridge (which by the way, was sleep with his EX-girlfriend) where he came from, he would be severely beaten, or even murdered. Thanks, Carlos, you blundering misogynist.

‘It's complicated to say something about what Terry did to Bridge,’ said Tevez, who comes from the notorious Beunos Aires suburb of Fuerte Apache. ‘I don't think you can do that with the wife of another player. It's wrong. In my opinion, Terry has no moral code for what he did to Bridge. In my neighbourhood if you do that, you lose your legs, or more - you don't survive.’

Now, we know that Tevez hasn’t learned enough English to read the tabloid press in his four years in the country (which given the amount of free time he has on his hands, either marks him out as lazy or as bad as British ex-pats on the Costa Del Sol), but surely someone could have explained to the man that Vanessa Perroncel isn’t Wayne Bridge’s wife, but his EX-girlfriend. Obviously in Argentina women are little more than men’s property, and men haven’t risen above the level of macho ape. Poor show, Carlos; a very poor show.

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