Tevez: Ronaldo should be allowed join Real Madrid

Carlos Tevez has said that he thinks Cristiano Ronaldo should be allowed to join Real Madrid if the Portugal winger wants to leave Manchester United. The Argentinian striker's words will have gone down like a lead balloon with United boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

'I understand Cristiano. Every footballer wants to play at Real Madrid,' Tevez told reporters. 'On the other hand, I also think that everyone wants to play for Manchester United, but if what he seeks is something else, I think that should be respected. I have not talked to him, but when these things happen, neither side feels good.'

The Ronaldo transfer story has dominated the summer sports pages, with the player publicly declaring his desire to join the La Liga champions and describing himself as a modern slave. Tevez's statement of solidarity with C-Ron just adds to the mounting speculation over the Portuguese winger's future.

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