Tevez does a 'Beasant'

Carlos Tevez, Manchester City’s £25million signing from city rivals Manchester United has joined the likes of Dave ‘jar-of-salad-cream-on-foot’ Beasant on the list of ridiculous footballer injuries.

The Argentine forward may miss the start of the season after slipping when trying to get out of the shower and aggravating a heel injury. He hasn’t played a single minute of City’s pre-season programme and is also going to miss their game against Rangers in Glasgow tomorrow.

He also hasn’t trained properly once all pre-season and now both the player and the club have begged Diego Maradona not to include him in the squad for Argentina’s game against Russia in Moscow next week.

‘We don't think Carlos should play for his international team,’ said City gaffer Mark Hughes. -We would prefer him to stay back next week. He hasn't trained all pre-season. He had an injury from his last international and then he banged the same area when he slipped in the shower. He'll be fine for the start of the season, but he's still not able to put his full weight on it.’

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