Tevez did not refuse to play for Manchester City

Remember how Carlos Tevez told Roberto Mancini that he didn't want to play against Bayern Munich? Well apparently he didn't and now his agent and bezzie friend Kia Joorabchian is saying that the row was all down to a mistranslation of what Tevez said to Sky by a member of Manchester City's backroom staff. Which would be a fine excuse, if Tevez hadn't lived in England for years and had plenty of time to learn the language. The lazy millionaire.

'I know Carlos in a totally different light to the way people in this room or around the world know him,' he said. 'I know that since he was an 18-year-old boy, you can criticise Carlos for anything but the one thing you can't criticise him for is his commitment on the pitch and you can never criticise him for [not] wanting to play.

'There have been several times at Manchester City where he's taken injections, played with swollen ankles, played in situations where doctors have told him not to play. Carlos has throughout his career been one that fights to play.

'When questions are asked right after the game, things are put out of context. If you don't have a very professional interpreter then you have a problem. I speak Spanish and I speak English. I listened to the questions in English and I listened to the interpretation in Spanish and the interpretation was incorrect; it was a different interpretation.

'Both questions were interpreted incorrectly and both answers of Carlos were misinterpreted. The way the interpreter presented it, Geoff Shreeves says something like: 'What is the truth, Carlos?' He refers to the point where the fighting has occurred and Mancini says Carlos is finished. Carlos then says the truth is that in this point in time how am I going to be in a mental state to play? But the interpreter says something very different.'

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