Testing times

Yet another spectacular day for England last night in the second test of The Ashes, with Kevin Pietersen hitting a double century on the way to England building a 306 run lead at 551-4.

Rain stopped play at tea, with Pietersen on 213 not out, and now Andrew Strauss has an interesting decision to make if he wants to win the test. More rain is forecast for tonight and Monday, and at 306 ahead there’s a chance that they could beat the Aussies by an innings. Even if that doesn’t happen, if they bowl like they did on the first day they should only have a small total to get. However, with the weather as it is a draw is a distinct possibility. However KP is optimistic for their chances.

‘We had a clear idea where we wanted to be but we'll see how the weather is in the morning and push hard for victory,’ said Pietersen. ‘There's a lot of spin out of the rough which will play into Swanny's hands and if we can bowl to our plans we can take 10 wickets

‘You can't control the weather, but we're 306 runs ahead, we've got a wicket that's turning, quite hard to drive on and the new ball goes through beautifully so England are in a very good position to win this Test match.’

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