Test cricket – what’s the point?

We read that England’s weather-assisted draw against Sri Lanka in the second test means the series is kept alive for the third and final match in Colombo.

“Kept alive”? That’s right – we could still draw! Isn’t that something to look forward to? What actually, when you think about it, does it matter?

Unlike baseball or one-day cricket, Test matches are frequently drawn, sacrificed to the weather, left to trail off into inconsequential stalemate.

Not just that, but aside from the computer rankings, there is never actually any way to say which side is the best in the world at any one time, especially when it could be a matter of literally years since they’ve played each other.

As for the World Cup, one-day cricket is virtually a separate sport now, with often very different line-ups.

Who’s for a four-yearly Test World Tournament?

(Image: from elsie esq.'s flickr stream)

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