Terry 'wants new challenge'

Mark Hughes has claimed that John Terry wants to seek a new challenge as Manchester City step up their bid to drag him from the claws of Chelsea. It’s the first time that the City manager has spoken publicly about the affair, which looks to drag on, if not as long, then even more boringly than the Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid nonsense.

‘We would like to think we could offer John a different challenge,’ Hughes said. ‘He's been at Chelsea a long time and I know from my own experience as a player that when you have been with a club for a long time you get to a point when you think you need a new challenge and that a change of scenery would re-ignite certain things within you.

‘It is not a question of finance, or money, (*cough* excuse me? - Ed) it is about a different challenge, and John being at a different stage in his life and his career, and maybe that is why there hasn't been a response because John is seriously thinking in those terms. I went through that process myself as a player and I can understand if that is the way he is thinking.’

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