Terry out for England v Estonia

John Terry is to miss yet another “crucial Euro 2008 qualifier” – Saturday’s game against Estonia – because of a knee injury sustained in training.

Leaving aside the ridiculous fact that professional players are still allowed to injure themselves between matches, the absence of the captain may not be as bad as it sounds.

McClaren’s England team are a bit like a schoolboy that’s left all his homework (or qualifying points) to Sunday night (the last group matches). It’s not much fun to watch, but by staying up all night (winning the rest of the group games), we can still get through (avoid detention).

To do so, the boss has called on an increasingly motley crew of past and present caps. And the odd thing is that, the more he tinkers, the better we play.

The recall of Beckham from the States coincided with a turnaround in our Euro fortunes. Barry got picked and excelled himself – keeping big Frank out. Emile Heskey of all people did his bit against Israel and there was talk of him replacing Rooney.

It can only be a matter of time before Rodney Marsh and Gerry Francis get the nod (again). Or even Sol Campbell.

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