As though they weren’t already frightening enough, Barcelona look close to making two signings that will make them even more versatile and dynamic next season, while weakening two of their potential rivals for the Champions League: Arsenal and Valencia. Barca’s vice-president Rafael Yuste has said that Cesc Fabregas and David Villa will likely be joining the Catalan giants for next season, with the Arsenal man making fairly strong hints that he would like to move in that direction too.

‘Negotiations are progressing well especially in the case of Villa,’ said Yuste to Catalonian radio station Ona FM. ‘The situation with Cesc is different because even if you have the will of the player it is very important to talk to his club and, if you can, find an agreement. But what makes it easier is that both players want to come to Barça.’

‘You see your (Spanish) team-mates succeeding here (Barcelona) and it is exciting because you have worked alongside them for so long,’ said Fabregas a few days ago. ‘I think I would like to go to Barcelona – whether or not they want me is another thing.

‘I don't know when it will happen. I am happy at Arsenal and I am not in a rush to leave. Before I go to the World Cup I want my future sorted out because it benefits nobody if I go into the tournament with something else on my mind.’

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