What's next for tennis at Wimbledon?

This year, Wimbledon saw the 125th championships end with a few quality matches. It saw Novak Djokovic win his first Wimbledon title against the two time Wimbledon champion and previous top ranked Rafael Nadal. It also showed Petra Kvitova win her first grand slam against Maria Sharapova.

Kvitova is currently ranked fourth in the world, and at 21 years of age, has most of her career ahead of her. Novak and Petra will be back next year to defend their title and try to add to their grand slam title tallies. So what's next for tennis at Wimbledon?

Wimbledon will be very busy next year, as mere weeks after the grand slam tournament it will be the venue for tennis at the Olympics.

Wimbledon is a special place with lots of history - Henman Hill has been converted to Murray Mount, champions have been created, and every year the British supporters turn out to cheer on their number 1 despite the rain.

The atmosphere at Wimbledon has to be experienced. It is a special place for people whether playing or spectating. It is the only remaining grass court tennis venue in the world. Wimbledon has been upgraded a lot over the years, and the biggest upgrade was the retractable roof over centre court.

There were worries that the time between the tournament and the Olympics was insufficient for the groundsmen to repair the courts for the Olympic events, but groundsmen have ensured they have enough time and the courts will be ready for the start of the tennis events in the Olympics.


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