Lawn tennis on TV


The BBC covers the Wimbledon championships live every year, and they also show live coverage of both the French and Australian Opens. The BBC did show Britain's Davis Cup matches live, but these are now shown on British Eurosport. The BBC also shows some non-Grand Slam events live, including the Queen's Club event just before Wimbledon.

British Eurosport

A major broadcaster of lawn tennis on TV, British Eurosport is responsible for showing three Grand Slam events: the US, French, and Australian Opens. This in addition to broadcasting Britain's Davis Cup matches live and, along with the BBC, the Queen's Club tournament.


The American television company ESPN cover all four Grand Slam events, including the final of the Australian Open. They secured the rights in 2011 to show the finals of Wimbledon from 2012 onwards.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports screens three Grand Slam lawn tennis events on TV: the Australian Open, the French Open and the US Open. Along with the BBC and British Eurosport, Sky is Britain's leading broadcaster of tennis events.


American TV station NBC covered Wimbledon up to and including the 2011 championships, and also covered the French Open, US Open, and the Australian Open in 2011.

Seven Network

One of Australia's most important TV broadcasters, Seven Network covered Wimbledon in 2011, as well as the Australian Open. The station also covers Australia's Davis Cup matches.


American TV broadcaster CBS covers the US Open extensively every year.

Tennis Channel

Tennis Channel have exclusive US rights to broadcast America's Davis Cup matches.

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