Tennis tips - how to condition yourself to win

If you have exhausted the usual kind of tennis tips and are up for something different; something that really works, you have come to the right place.

Why do you condition yourself?

Conditioning works for all living creatures, whether they be humans or animals. The key is to have a positive motivation or driving force behind the conditioning. Ask yourself this; why do you want to condition yourself to win the game of tennis?

How do you condition yourself?

What is it?

Self conditioning has nothing to do with control. It is a form of guidance. You may not realise it; but you have been conditioning yourself all along, whether you are winning or losing the game. So why not condition yourself to win. If your default mode is not working for you, change it and soon enough, this will be the new default.

Relax and let go

This is the first step toward conditioning yourself to win the tennis game. Remember that this is an intuitive process which only works in a mental environment that is conducive for it.

How would you feel if you win the game?

Here lies the gist of this method. Without bothering the details, simply feel the way you would, if you win a game of tennis. This is how you start with the end in mind. Soon enough, the 'details' will fall into place.

How often should you do it?

Do this often enough and you will soon be pleasantly surprised to find yourself attracting the kind of circumstances that 'make' you win tennis games.

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