The Tennis Talk website

Match Reports and Previews

Match reviews and previews on the Tennis Talk website are not just centred on Grand Slam events, but cover ATP tournaments from around the world. The match reports allow comments from visitors about the individual matches. The match previews are detailed, and give information on the head-to-head records, and individual records, of the players involved.

Scores and Statistics

Not only are live scores of ATP events given on Tennis Talk, but the odds on individual matches are shown alongside the score. In the statistics section there is a search option that allows for information to be viewed. For instance, when a player's name is entered, information on the player's birth date, height, weight, nationality and ranking is revealed, as well as whether they are left-handed or right-handed. Underneath the search result is a list of articles relating to the player.


The Tennis Talk blog features well written articles about the personalities in tennis and controversies surrounding the game. The blog focuses nearly exclusively on Grand Slam events, and players in the world's top ten. Visitors can leave their comments underneath the individual blog entries.

News and Homepage

The news section of the Tennis Talk website is extensive and is updated on a daily basis. How many news items featured depends on how many significant events are being played at any one time. The homepage of Tennis Talk has a flash screen at the top of the page that gives details of the featured stories on the site.

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