Types of tennis software


OnCourt is a tennis software program that has information on several hundred thousand tennis matches played since 1990. OnCourt is also useful in finding the results of head-to-head meetings between players, and for making predictions for future matches based on statistical data. OnCourt also contains results of all junior Grand Slam events from 2003 onwards. The program can be updated online, and can be exported into Microsoft's Excel.

ProTracker Tennis

ProTracker is a type of tennis software program that is used by coaches to iron out faults in a player. It's a program that can be used during a match, and unforced errors and double faults by individuals can be recorded, as well as winners and aces. A more more sophisticated aspect of the program is that ProTracker has the capability of recording where the ball landed during a particular rally. ProTracker Tennis can be used on mobile devices and personal computers.


iTennisSysytem is another type of tennis software program of an instructional nature, and is particularly useful for tennis coaches. iTennisSystem includes over a hundred drills, and these drills can be modified. The program uses 2D and 3D graphics, as well as traditional images and text.

Virtua Tennis

From Sega, Virtua Tennis is a game that requires Windows XP/Vista, and is a game suitable for small children and upwards. Virtua Tennis is a game that allows a player to create a tennis star and move him or her up the player rankings. The games can be either three set or five set matches. There is also a facility for watching replays of winning shots.


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