The basics of a good tennis serve

The Importance of a Good Tennis Serve

The serve is the only shot in tennis that you are in complete command off. If executed well, the tennis serve presents a perfect opportunity to put your opponent on the back foot and dominate the game. Opponents find it impossible to play against service winners and aces. If you want to win and win consistently, you’ll need to master the basics of a good tennis serve.

How to Prepare for a Good Tennis Serve

Approach the serve with a  focused and positive attitude. Know exactly what you trying to do and how you are going to do it. Position you feet with where you want to direct the ball. Angle your front foot and keep your back foot running parallel to the baseline.

Ready to Serve

Balance, timing and rhythm are the key components of a good serve. As you face the court sideways on, transfer your weight from your front to your back foot. Keep your left arm straight as you throw the ball up in the air to the correct spot. Move your right arm back into a throwing position and transfer your weight from your back foot on to your front. As the ball reaches the peak of its arc, move the racquet head towards the ball in a throwing action. Keep you eye on the ball at all times and hit it with both accuracy and power. The higher the ball makes contact with the racquet, the more power you can generate, so make sure you aim for the skies! After the tennis serve comes the hard work, so you need to recover quickly in preparation for the next shot.

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