All about tennis scoring

40 Love

Tennis scoring in singles and doubles matches remains the same. A tennis game is won by the player who is the first to win four points. The points are designated as 15, 30, and 40 in ascending order. When a player has zero points it is referred to somewhat strangely as ‘love’.The score of the server is always given first. If the server wins the first point it is called “15-love”, if their opponent scores first it will be referred to as “love-15.”


If two players tie at 40 it is called a ‘deuce’. A game must be won by two points so players continue to battle it out when locked at ‘deuce’ until one of them scores a point and has what is know as an ‘advantage.’ A player with an ‘advantage’ can win the game but if they lose the point, the score returns to ‘deuce’ and the tussle begins again.

Game, Set, and Match

To win a set players must win six games. To win a match players must usually win the best of five or three sets. If a set becomes tied at 6-6, a tiebreaker is usually played to seven points. Because a player must win by two points, tiebreakers have been known to last a considerably long time.

Aces High

When a tennis player during their service game produces a serve of such power and positioning that their opponent has no possible chance of returning the ball, it is known as as ‘ace.’ Players in the top flight of tennis are capable of winning whole games with aces. So now you know the rules what are you waiting for? Get on the courts and start practising.

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