Where to Find Tennis Scores Online

Tennis scores are easy to find online, and a quick Google search reveals exactly 41 million results! With such a large number of sites to choose from it helps to know where to go. Tennis.com has made it its business to inform tennis fans from all over the world of what's going on in the world of tennis, and if you're after the latest scores, this is where you'll find them.

The site is a pleasure to navigate and the clean design makes it easy on the eye, and easy to use as well. Navigating to the 'live scores' section gives you all the games that are either scheduled, or in progress. There's also the option of viewing the scores after the fact. The site lists scores from tennis games around the world, and some of the top current listings include games from the US, Uzbekistan, and even Italy!

The best thing of all is that the site is completely free to use, and if you want an alternative to watching the games live, this is it. The site refreshes automatically every few minutes, so the scores you see are really the latest that are available. Another really great feature of this site is the easy-to-understand coding system. If a game is marked with a yellow square, the game still has to start, if it's marked with a green square then it's in progress, and if it's marked with a red square then the scores you see is the final score, since the game has been completed.

The site even has a stats and rankings section, and this along with the latest tennis interviews and news make this site a must visit if you're into tennis. Head on over to tennis.com, and see what it has to offer?

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