Get started on court with beginners' tennis racquets

When you first start a sport it's easy to get carried away and invest in all the most expensive and elaborate equipment. The garage then becomes a repository for all those short-lived hobbies. If you are enthusiastic about tennis, but are still mastering the basics, don't be tempted to spend too much on tennis racquets. There will be plenty of time to get the expensive racquet once you are in the Wimbledon first round.

Initially you want a racquet that feels natural and comfortable and not too heavy. Durability is also a factor to consider as you don't want it to fall apart when you smash it on the ground chasing that topspin forehand down the line.

For a great looking lightweight racquet it's difficult to fault the Dunlop 500 27. It features O Beam aluminium construction so it feels easy to swing, but is tough. It's perfect for beginner adults or children aged 13 years and upwards. Amazon (amazon.co.uk) has it on offer at an amazing £10, so long as you don't object to the yellow colour.

The Karakal Coach 23" racquet is designed for junior players learning the game. Karakal junior racquets all conform to the LTA's Traffic Light coaching scheme. This racquet comes with its own cover and costs £17, although Amazon have discounted versions for £13.60 if you are quick .

Wilson (www.wilson.com) is a major name in racquet design. The Wilson Roger Federer 110 racquet doesn't promise that it will make you play like the Swiss genius, but Wilson suggest that newcomers to the game need a quality racquet to help unlock their skill, technique and potential. Roger Federer agrees, and he has some expertise in these matters. These tennis racquets come in a variety of grip sizes, and prices start from £19.


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