Find a great tennis racket for sale!

Tennis is a great sport to play - whether you're any good or not! It is up there with the best when it comes to burning calories, and also promotes a range of other health benefits. If you want to start playing tennis or if you already play and want an upgrade, here are a couple of places to find a good tennis racket for sale.

prodirecttennis.com has many rackets for sale online, many of them at discounted prices. The Head YouTek Speed Mid Plus tennis racket is available for just £89.99 - saving you £90 off the RRP. The Wilson (K) Tour Team FX 102 is priced at £127.99, giving you a saving of £32 off the RRP. You'll find a good selection of all the biggest brands in tennis, so finding your ideal racket at a cheap price is easy here.

sportsdirect.com also have a wide range of rackets for sale. They include Babolat, Dunlop, Slazenger and Wilson among others. The price range really reflects the diversity of rackets: you'll find adult rackets from as low as £9 to as high as £200.

Sports Direct offer the Wilson Stratus Three BLX tennis racket for £194.99 (RRP £229.99). This is a great looking racket that weighs 260g and has a headsize of 115”.

Another good buy is the Babolat Drive Z Tour tennis racket. This is designed for good players or advanced juniors. It has a headsize of 100” and weighs 285g. Sports Direct offer a £25 discount, so you can pick it up for £115.

If you are looking for something a little cheaper, check out the Babolat Pulsion 105 tennis racket. It comes with a case and a 30% discount, so it's available for just £45. It has a headsize of 105” and a weight of 260g - not a bad racket for the price.

Finding a tennis racket is easy, but finding the right racket is tricky - so shop around and do your research before you buy.


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