Tennis betting predictions sites to give you the advantage.

Tennis betting is taking off, and everyone wants to enjoy an edge before putting their money on the line. It can be profitable to do your research at some of the tennis predictions websites that are springing up.

Tennis Betting Predictions (www.tennisbettingpredictions.com) offer an email newsletter at least 3 times a week, with their best tips. Signing up is free, and tips cover matches on the ATP and WTA tours. Occasionally tips appear on the website but for the full service you will need to sign up.

Tennis Prediction (www.tennisprediction.com) offers up to date stats and analysis of all ongoing tennis tournaments and matches, to allow you to make an informed choice about where to place your bets.  It's a statistical goldmine that looks fairly daunting at first glance, but you soon pick up how to find the relevant information. Register with the site to join in the monthly match prediction competitions.

Nick's Picks (http://nickstennispicks.com) offers genuine tennis expertise from legendary coach Nick Bollettieri, who follows all the major tournaments. Among regular blogs on tennis issues like fitness, character, resolve and tactics. Bollettieri dispenses his predictions for big matches on men's and women's tours, and looks ahead to the Grand Slams like the Australian Open in January. It would be difficult to find a more knowledgeable analyst of the current tennis scene anywhere.

Tennis Foresight (www.tennisforesight.com) is another site devoted to picking winners. Sign up for their newsletter and they'll send you an email with their tips, or you can just keep tabs on the free tennis predictions that appear on the website.



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