Play tennis games online

Pong might have been the first computer game to attain mass popularity, but tennis has always been one of the trickiest games to reproduce in a simulation. There have been a few worthy attempts though, and you can sample some of the best tennis games online.

Stick Tennis at sticksports.com is very tricky to get the hang of at first, but patience is rewarded, and the game can quickly become addictive. It's not quite the all time classic that Stick Cricket became, but is still worth a few clicks of your mouse.

Saddled with a terrible name but some intriguing gameplay, Tennis Elbow (managames.com) allows you to try the shareware version for 14 days before you have to order it. This is a complex and involving game with 9 different court surfaces, 300 tournaments and 3000 players evolving over 36 years. Play singles and doubles tournaments.

Younger players will enjoy the cute but challenging Tennis Titans (shockwave.com). You can install a free trial version or buy the whole game for $6.99 (about £5).

Only Tennis Games (onlytennisgames.com) does just what it says on the website name, offering a choice of simple and occasionally dangerously addictive tennis games.

Some of the tennis online games on the site are a little short on explanations and you need a spot of trial and error to figure out the controls. Expect to lose very quickly in your first few tries, especially on the challenging Tennis Ace game, but a little patience helps you progress.

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