Where to keep up with tennis live scores

If you are a huge tennis fan and are always trying to keep up to date and in touch with the latest big match then we have uncovered the top websites for keeping up with tennis live scores. You need never depend on and wait endlessly for teletext to update again.

A great website that updates as soon as the umpire calls out is Flash Scores. You can keep track of all the games in progress at the same time whatever tournament is on. Matches are broken down into a scoreboard-esque view which includes sets, games and match times. Check out www.flashscore.com/tennis/ the next time you are curious about tennis scores.

Another tried and trusted site for tennis live scores is BBC. Their famous live text service is a must during any big tournament but this page is not updated in real time. Their scores service is however so if you are absolutely dying to find out what the current score is in a game then check out BBC's tennis scores page.

Finally, to top off your thirst for the latest tennis live scores you have to check out www.tennis.com/livescores/index.aspx. They update all scores lightning fast so you don't miss out on a single break point.

If you want a combination of live scores and live streams then www.livescorehunter.com/ is the site for you. You can get a stream of the big match up and running and see every point rather than reading it.

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