Buying tennis gear online; high quality, low prices

Buying tennis gear online is the best way to get great prices on all types of tennis rackets and clothing. We have found two great websites that have just about everything you can imagine when it comes to tennis.

Tennis Planet: The tennisplanet.co.uk website is like an all purpose shop for tennis gear. They have a huge selection of tennis rackets, shoes and clothes on offer. The best part of the whole thing is their prices.

The Tennis Planet almost work like a warehouse. They order huge bulk stock so they can sell to you for less. Whether it's grips or shoes, balls, rackets or clothing Tennis Planet have you covered. Check out the Nike Lunar Vapor 8 shoes. They are Nike's newest addition to their tennis shoes and are available for only £89.99 at Tennis Planet.

Pro Direct Tennis: If you are more interested in getting a real top notch racket then check out the prodirecttennis.com website. They sell a bit of everything too but they have huge focus on professional rackets and equipment.

The 5.3 Wilson Hammer is one of the most popular rackets with pros and amateurs alike. The only problem for casual players was the price at £179.99. Now it is available from the Pro Direct Tennis website for only £69.99. Give your game an extra edge with this fantastic racket.

When it comes to buying tennis gear, shopping online is the smartest thing you can do. Hit up the mentioned websites and see for yourself!

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