The best Wimbledon Men's tennis games ever

The Wimbledon Men's Singles tournament is the most famous tennis competition in the world, and has produced some of the most memorable tennis games ever. Here are three of the best:

Pete Sampras vs Patrick Rafter - 2000 Wimbledon Men's Final

A brilliant match not only for quality, but also for historic importance, this was the victory that saw Pete Sampras equaling the record 7th Wimbledon championship and clinching his 13th Grand Slam title (another record).

A five setter, the competition lasted for almost three hours, finishing in the early night to the delight of the fans, being disturbed by a rain break that added to the tension yet didn't diminish the standard of play. The final result was 6-7 (10-12), 7-6 (7-5), 6-4, 6-2.

As a sign of how much the win meant, the victorious Sampras broke his usual Stoic image as he burst into tears and ran into the crowd to hug his parents and family.

Bjorn Borg vs John McEnroe - 1980 Wimbledon Men's Final

Rightly celebrated by pundits as one of the most iconic tennis games, this battle had absolutely everything you need for a great sporting occasions. Two great players at the top of their games, McEnroe entered the match as a villain in the eyes of the crowd, having gained a reputation for impudence during the tournament. Borg's emotionless calmness represented the poetic opposite.

The match is particularly remembered for the 4th set tie break, in which McEnroe managed to fight off 5 match points before eventually winning 18-16. Borg went on to win the whole match 1–6, 7–5, 6–3, 6–7 (16–18), 8–6.

Pete Sampras vs Barry Cowan - 2001 Wimbledon Men's 2nd Round

A classic David vs Goliath encounter, the Wimbledon Champion vs the 265th best player in the world, this match seemed destined for a predictable result right up until the middle of the 3rd set, with Sampras seemingly relaxing towards a victory. Cowan unexpectedly snatched the next two sets, however, and, as a British native, started to get the support of the home fans.

The match is a memorable example of the underdog spirit, and of the beautiful passions of sport: Cowan could be seen donning his headphones during the rest breaks, apparently listening to "You'll Never Walk Alone", the anthem of his beloved Liverpool Football Club.

Although Sampras went on to win in the 5th set quite comfortably, the match is rightly remembered for what nearly happened.

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