How to find information about tennis for kids

The Wimbledon fortnight usually encourages children to pick up a tennis racquet and head for the courts, but there are also activities all year round to encourage kids to continue with the sport.

The Lawn Tennis Association (www.lta.org.uk) can provide a list of clubs that offer coaching and tennis activities for children. The site’s search engine enables you to find local clubs and organisations by entering your post code.

The LTA also offers a Mini-tennis programme for children between the ages of three and ten. Kids play on smaller courts and can progress through the programme to full-court tennis.

One of the advantages of tennis for kids is that it requires very little equipment. Most clubs do not insist on a strict dress code for children and you’ll find that a pair of shorts or joggers, a t-shirt and soft shoes or trainers will suffice. Many clubs will hire out tennis racquets, or you can purchase these quite cheaply. Decathlon (www.decathlon.co.uk) sell junior tennis racquets from £6.99.

Children love competing and the Lawn Tennis Association also organises regular national and local competitions for children, including singles and doubles tournaments for all age groups. Local clubs also often have beginners’ competitions and regular tennis ladders to ensure that all junior club members have the opportunity to play regular games.

During the winter months grass courts may become waterlogged and unplayable, but many local authority sports centres now offer indoor tennis courts to facilitate year-round play. Ask your local council for details of its facilities.

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