Keep up to date on all the scores with Tennis Explorer

When you bet on sports, the latest information is essential. If you want to place some informed wagers on tennis matches, the Tennis Explorer site is a goldmine of statistics, scores, predictions and analysis.

Tennis Explorer (www.tennisexplorer.com) covers all the tournaments, even the small-scale ones that only merit a tiny mention in the sports pages. For the serious student of the sport, it's a great way to spot up-and-coming players, big stars suffering a slump in form, or young players enjoying a career-best season.

The website has a unique database of 35,000 players. Who knows, if you ever won a minor tournament, you might even be on it yourself! This is a great resource for looking up the record of a player you've never previously encountered.

The site constantly updates the results from the ATP, WTA, Challengers and Futures tours, and lists all the upcoming matches for all pro tennis events. It has the latest ATP and WTA rankings and an up to the minute list of injured players. Check the movements and decide who might be a strong contender for the Australian or French Open next year.

It comes into its own when analysing individual matches. You can look up the head-to-head records of the players, study all their recent form, even look at their playing records on that particular court surface.

Before you place your bets, use the site's best-odds comparison charts, just to make sure you get the best return for your money. They compare odds from around 50 betting outlets, and highlight the best deals

What Tennis Explorer will not be able to do for you is predict whether Serena Williams will win another Grand Slam tournament. She remains such an enigma that not even the most sophisticated analysis could shed any light on that mystery.

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